Aims & Objectives

The sheer number of individual programmes means that creating a union catalogue at item level is not a viable option in the short or medium term. Instead, the Concert Programmes Project aims to create an online database of concert programme holdings in the UK and Ireland at collection level to enable scholars and music lovers to locate material that may be relevant to their research and and interests, and library professionals to identify priorities for collection development and preservation. This level of access is provided by the Collection Level Description metadata scheme developed by the Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP) and already adopted by Cecilia, an online guide to music collections in archives, libraries and museums in the UK and Ireland. The schema, with some enhanced functionality, has been adopted by the Concert Programmes online database.

The first phase of the project was undertaken between 2004 and 2007, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and with the following aims:

  • incorporate the data already gathered in the scoping study into the database;
  • add a critical mass of records by creating enhanced collection level descriptions of the three largest UK holdings (those of the Royal College of Music, the British Library and the Royal Academy of Music);
  • identify additional programme collections;
  • add detailed records from a representative sample of other libraries, archives and museums throughout the UK and Ireland such as those at Aldeburgh, Birmingham, Bradford, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford and Swansea.

The first phase was jointly hosted by Cardiff University and the Royal College of Music, and led by Professors John Tyrrell (Cardiff) and Paul Banks (RCM).

Project Manager: Dr Rupert Ridgewell (British Library)
Research Assistants: Deborah Lee and Dr Ian Taylor (London and Oxford)
Researchers: Catherine Ferris (Dublin), Erin McPhee (Edinburgh), Rachel Milestone (Leeds, Bradford, Manchester), Ben Pinnow (Cardiff), and John Gough (Birmingham)

This project would not have been possible without the support and advice of numerous individuals, including members of the CPP Advisory Committee (Chris Banks, Prof. Christina Bashford, Lewis Foreman and Prof. Simon McVeigh), Paula Best, Almut Boehme, Mark Brawn, Dr Jenny Doctor, Ros Edwards, Judi Gladwell, James Grimster, Alison Hall, Gillian Jones, Nick Poole, Libby Rice, Peter Ward Jones, Susi Woodhouse, and members of the IAML Working Group on Access to Performance Ephemera.

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